our body is unique!

We all feel insecure against our body our skin or our appearance we feel that aren’t good enough that we don’t have a mesmerizing personality that we are so fat or so thin or short or dark or even if we are perfect, we don’t have an attractive personality, but I have a question for you if you are thinking this against you do the world will think good against you? Do you think if you feel this negative against your appearance, people would feel positive against that?

The answer is straight away NO. in today’s world appearance and personality is one of the main things of people needs to be excellent in but because of that cruising ourselves is not good at all. Feel good in your own skin in your own body and that confidence will bring a great personality in you. If you start appreciating yourself the world will start appreciating you, its human tendency that they see things as they have been told so if you praise yourself the world will praise. And if you are fat then try to lose weight instead of crying over it if you are skinny try to gain instead of crying over it or if you can’t do anything against it so just stop crying over it and just change your angle of seeing yourselves. “Sara Ali Khan said that she had great confidence even when she was 96 kg” all your need be that kind of confidence and everything will change automatically.

We all have something unique in ourselves all we need to be the right angle to detect that to find uniqueness. There is always an opportunity in everything even in impossible there is possibly hidden all we need to do we stop crying over things and start maintaining the positive, and I can do anything attitude.