self love is biggest power!

It’s kind of hurt isn’t it when the people you thought of is going to be there no matter what leaves so early. You can’t even think of anything except them. They are so important to you that you become so dependent on them for your happiness. Why these people are so important? Who gives them the authority to decide when you are going to be happy and when not? The answer is YOU.

 No one but only you are responsible for the damage they have done to you. They are important to you because you aren’t important to yourself! There is always a person inside us keep telling us that we aren’t good enough, that we need to change ourselves that we should not do things which are against societal rules that we aren’t meant for love. But what if one day we start saying that we are here to get every good this place has to offer us that we can do all we want, and we are willing for that we are meant as love, and what if people start saying “I love myself.”

 When this starts going to happen then that important person who hurts you so much won’t even matter. Do you know why? Because you won’t care if someone wants, you or not you won’t care if you are loved by others or not. You matter to yourself no one else will be going to matter after that. The love you search from others will come from inside. That’s where you understand the importance of self-love and the power of self-care. Stop letting this world crush you, you on need yourself and your support. We have so much love to give to others why can’t we give all that love to ourselves and be happy in our own growing world? We all are complete and need just a little support for us from us only. Let’s start being depended for care and love on ourselves instead of on others and the world becomes a much better place to live!